How Can I Enter Video Games Competitions?

 How Can I Enter Video Games Competitions?

In the not too distant past, many people thought of gaming as a waste of time. It was something you did to pass the time on a Saturday when there was nothing else to do. Now, with esports, that whole perspective is changing.

By playing video games at the elite level, it is possible to earn money. It’s even possible to land a long-term career in esports.

Gaming is a natural fit for most of this generation who have made playing social, interact and compete with other players from countries around the globe.

How can I enter video games competitions?

There are two types of these:


  • To get into the OPEN, you just need to register for it and then arrive at the location. Please note that only the top placing players win any prices. 
  • To join the INVITATIONAL type, you need to be invited by organizers.

How to get into Esports & competitive gaming

First, let’s be clear on something. Much like other sports leagues esports has two types of careers. Those who are actually playing and those who are part of their supporting infrastructure.

In addition to the career of a pro gamer, there are other esports career opportunities that may include the following positions:

Host, Coach, Journalist, Sales and marketing specialist, Referee, Organization owner, Social media manager, Event manager, Agent, Sponsor, Streamer

However, we are going to focus more on the career of a pro gamer. this essay can help you to move in the right direction. Follow these tips to learn how.

. Focus on Just One Game

You need to find out which types of games you like most, and choose one where you’re most confident as a player. Some of the most popular game types are first person shooters (FPS) such as Counter-Strike, real time strategies (RTS) such as StarCraft, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) such as DOTA, card games, and fighting games.

. Choose a Gaming Platform

After a player has chosen his or her game, it is time to find the most suitable gaming platforms. It can be not only a PC but also gaming platforms like Xbox or Playstation.

. Study Popular Techniques & Tactics During Your Esports Training

This can be achieved by watching video tutorials or live streams online and learning from experienced gamers. Popular ways to do this as you get started are and YouTube where current players and influencers can help you improve your skills and find other players.

. Communicate with Other Players

Build your own network of friends that play the same game. This can be done easily with the help of in-game chats, specialized forums, or social networks.

. Practice a Lot

Be prepared, because you will need hours of practice to achieve the desired skill level for an esports career. In addition to this, you need to practice with other players whose skill level is higher.

. Attend Esports Summer Camp (This is more applicable to children and teens)

parents looking to embrace their kids’ interest in esports can look into some esports summer camps, like the ones at JKCP. These programs include and esports academy for ages 10 to 13 as well as esports camp for ages 14 to 18. During this intensive two-week course, your children can work with former pros gamers who have built up their careers in the industry, improving their skill level, identifying their gaming strengths, getting to know how to get into competitive gaming, and much more.

. Join A Team

If you’re planning to play a team game, it is important that you begin to play with an established group of players. You need to play regularly with the same players in order to get used to their play style, and succeed as a group.

. Join A Gaming League

Gaming leagues such as High School Esports League, KeSPA, ESL, ESEA, and MLG allow a team to participate in a seasonal competition that leads to a tournament for a championship.

. Participate in Online Tournaments

Winning an online tournament can result in recognition of the team and sometimes a cash prize.

. Compete in LAN (Face-To-Face) Tournaments

Even if the gamer cannot participate in the tournament, they can attend it as a spectator just to feel the atmosphere, and get a sense of what it takes to earn a career in esports.

. Increase Your Online Presence

If you want to achieve your goal of becoming a pro gamer, you should start building your online reputation in order to start networking with other players. This can be done by creating video tutorials for your favorite games or writing for relevant blogs or just keeping active on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other social media outlets.

So if your’re curious about how to get a job in esports, we hope that the information in this article has given you more confidence.

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